Monday, July 20, 2009

I hate Daddy!

Last night Kayla was having one of her roid-rage food cravings and wanted popcorn and cheese chips (cheesy pringles.) We were in the middle of making dinner so it wasn't exactly the perfect time to go to the store.
But the steroids didn't care.
They were hungry.
No matter what we said she would not stop whining and crying for popcorn and cheese chips.
So right after Jimmy was done cooking the steaks he went to get her what she wanted. He didn't even get to eat first.
Well while he was gone Kayla decided that she was going to write him a letter, telling him exactly how she felt about how long it took him to leave.

In case you can't read that it says:

"I will never like my Daddy hate Daddy"
Unless you have experienced the hell that is a child on steroids then you wouldn't understand. The cravings for that one exact specific food are so intense that it takes over her whole life.
With the food cravings comes the anger. She has told us that she hates us and lots of other nasty things she wouldn't have said otherwise.
When Jimmy got home I showed him the letter and it made him laugh (not in front of her) He didn't take it personally and I actually put it away to save it.


Darcy said...

Wow. The strength you two have is amazing. I really thank you for blogging. It's the closest anyone outside of your situation can come to understanding a fraction of what it might be like! Love you!

Anonymous said...

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