Monday, July 27, 2009

Emotions swirling

Even though Kayla has been off her steroids for almost a week she is still very agitated and hungry. Once she thinks of a food that sounds good she wants it NOW. She will whine and cry and whine and cry until she gets her way.
It is that exact reason that I am dreading chemo on Wed. She is scheduled to get a spinal tap on that day too and that means she can't eat. awesome.
She will be getting 4 hours of fluids before they even start the chemo. We call days like this "long chemo days."
Kayla has also been getting restless and wants to go to the store. She can't go though. Last week her ANC was under 750, which means that if we absolutely have to take her somewhere she has to wear a mask. She wants to go to the grocery store and go feed the ducks at the lake. For all we know her counts could have gone up but have a new mantra that I live by "better to be safe than sorry."
Sorry I haven't posted very much, there really hasn't been much to say.
She is sitting on the couch right now asking me when Daddy will be home with her funions.


Ai said...

Hi there, i randomly ran through your blog about Kayla, and i really do think you are a great mom. Please stay strong and I will pray hard for you and your family here in Malaysia, please do take really good care of yourself and your family as there are people out there like me, praying hard and caring for you.

With Love,

Anonymous said...

We are right there with ya! We've gone from cheerios to PASTA.

The steroids are done for the moment, so for that I am grateful. On Thursday we have th 8 hour chemo scheduled. If she makes counts.

Good luck. Prayers.

oso1087 said...

God bless you and your family! I read this blog and am amazed at how strong you are! It does my heart good to know there are angels like you around!

Anonymous said...

Really god bless you your little baby & your family

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