Saturday, July 18, 2009


If I have funion breath in my face one more time I am going to barf.
Funions are Kayla's steroid favorite. I know that they are pretty bad for you especially if eaten in mass quantities.
But she loves them.
I actually had to listen to an almost 2 hour scream fest about them.
We were trying to stand our ground but our ears started bleeding and we gave in.

Kayla had chemo on Wednesday and so did Jimmy. It was actually his last chemo session. Well so we were told. He is going be getting another PET scan to see the size of the tumor and see if there is any activity. He is supposed to start radiation sometime after that.

Kayla is doing o k. Her steroids are really getting to her. She will walk into the kitchen and go through all of the cupboards and the fridge. She will then come and tell me that there is nothing to eat. I tell her that there is a ton of things to eat and to choose one. So we go through the kitchen together. I get a no to everything.
***light bulb goes on***
She is saying that there is nothing to eat b/c there are no funions.
:::rolls eyes:::


Anonymous said...

During induction we had an issue with pickles. And, I think salami or hot dogs. We have not had either in the house for Delayed Intensification. So, she hasn't asked for them. Somehow the need to eat seems a LOT different than it did back in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

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