Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chemo for 7/6

Yesterday was a long day.
Not literally but mentally.
I took Kayla by myself for the first time. Jimmy didn't feel that well so it was just me.
Kayla got a PEG, which is a shot in each leg.
It's just another form of chemo.
Well I forgot that we have to wait around for 2 hours afterwards so that they can monitor her to see if she has an allergic reaction. ugh.
Kayla was pissed.
I had been promising her McDonald's for hours and now we had to stay even longer.
I know that it is bad that her steroid craving is double cheeseburgers but that is what she wants.
I have had a hard time explaining this to people, they don't understand why I don't put my foot down and make her eat fruits and vegetables.
Here is how her Dr. explained it to me:
"It is one of the most intense cravings when someone is on steroids, what they want is what they want. If she wanted a peanut butter and asparagus sandwich then that is what she wants"
I have seen and experienced the roid - rage the ensues when she does not get what she wants when she wants it. (She eats just about every hour)
In the hospital the cafeteria was late on bringing her quesadilla and she just about tore the room apart. She also told me that she was going to hit me in the face and break my glasses. nice.
So on the way home we went through the drive trough and I got her 3 double cheeseburgers a large fry and an apple juice. Thinking that she could have the other 2 at home.
Well the steroids took over and she ate 2 double cheeseburgers, the large fries and her juice!
Thankfully she is only on her steroids for a week then off for a week then back on for one more week.
Other than that everything is quiet and good.
Just the way I like it. :)

Kayla gets chemo tomorrow and I plan on taking pictures so you can see what a typical chemo day looks like.

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CaseyDeuce said...

My thoughts are with you... and Mickey D's is making a killing off of you!! Give that sweetie a cheeseburger if she wants it, screw the people who bitch about the fruits and veggies.