Friday, July 3, 2009

Chemo for 7/1

Wednesday was Chemo day for Kayla. I was upset that day b/c it had been three weeks since she had had any and she was feeling pretty good.
She got her Vincrystine and a few others.
We had to high tail it across the street to the "big hospital" so that Kayla could get her spinal tap.
So she got her intrthecal methotrexate and then she had lay down for 30 minutes so that the medicine could be distributed evenly.
Usually when they do her spinal taps they give her ativan through her port a cath. So afterwards she was pretty dizzy and must have asked me 10 times where she was.

After her 30 minutes of laying down I took her (in a wheelchair) to the cancer center to get Jimmy.
he had about 45 minutes left so we had to wait.
Kayla slept the whole way home.
We picked up some double cheeseburgers before we got home and offered her one.
Surprisingly she said no.
She called me into the bathroom and said that her stomach hurt and she was going to throw up.
So I sat on the bathroom floor and rubbed her back.
Then I had an idea that worked well when I had nausea during my pregnancy.
I took her outside and we practiced breathing in through our noses and out the mouth. She said it didn't help, but she didn't throw up.
She wanted me to scratch her back so I sat on the couch and scratched her back. I was just talking to my mom and watching the news when Jimmy pointed out that she has fallen asleep.
We carried her into her bed and decided not to wake her to take her pills.

I asked the doctor about this new road map. It looks very intense. She had chemo Wednesday, then we have to go back on Monday so that she can get a PEG.
A PEG is a shot in each leg (a the same time of course) it is just another form of chemo.
And then we go back next Wednesday for her chemo.
I asked him if he expected her to get sick and he said that in about 2 weeks she should start feeling it.
He also said that for the next 6 months things will be a little hard, there might be hospital stays and transfusions.
But after that it will get easier. She will be getting the chemo less frequently.
I cant wait for 2010 to ring in.......

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Michelle said...

Amen...20101 is going to be a much better year :) It is running to us pretty fast....only 172 days until Christmas!