Monday, June 29, 2009

Picture Share

This is James.
He turned 4 last weekend. He loves his sister and is a very sweet boy.

This happened just this past weekend
Kayla found Auntie Sheree's green make-up stick.

This is from a week ago.
I was going to bed and I saw Roo sleeping on Kayla's bed.
So sweet <3

We went to the Village today. It's like the "center" of our town. The grocery store is there and a bunch of touristy shops.
We thought that since Kayla hasn't had chemo for close to 3 weeks that it would be ok to take her out. This is the train ride that they went on.

She got her cheeseburger while we were out.

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CaseyDeuce said...

Beautiful kiddos!! Love these pics!! Especially the green make up stick one LOL!!