Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little Miss Attitude

It has been a pretty uneventful couple of weeks. Thank God.

It is due to the fact that she hasn't had chemo in about 3 weeks. The reason that it has been so long is b/c of the "road map" that she is on.

Kayla and Jimmy will both be getting chemo in July 1st.
I'm actually really really dreading it.
I hate seeing her lay down b/c her stomach hurts.
Or that she is too tired to play.
Take it this way....When she feels bad I feel bad.
She is also CONSTANTLY hungry!

Her cravings differ. More times than not she will want toast. If it's not toast it will be mac and cheese. ugh.
All I can say is thank the Lord that Easy Mac was invented.
She only likes the cheese off the top of the pizza. She refuses to eat the whole piece.
I have to cut her toast a certain way or she wont eat it.
Amazingly she can finish a whole can of spaghetti-o's in one sitting.

Bed time is hard with Kayla and James. They have this way of getting each other wound up.
It is difficult to discipline her as well. Time out is a joke and I end up making myself more frustrated.
I can't spank her either b/c she could bruise or possibly bleed. I actually have a great story to go with that....

A couple of months ago in one of Kayla's appointments her doctor mentioned that I should not physically discipline her in any way.
Kayla was sitting in the room too and she heard it.
Yesterday she stuck her tongue at me and as I went to grab her to put her on time out she says "WAIT!!!!!!!!!"
Me: "What?"
Kayla: "Remember? You can't spank me. Only James"

:::::rolls eyes::::::

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