Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear God,

Hey God. This is Sandra.
I know that you are probably really busy, I just need a few minutes of your time.
Now I am sure that you have your reasons for childhood diseases and all but I would love to know the reason.
I want to know why my little girl has to take poison that makes her hair and eyelashes fall out.
Lord, it breaks my heart when she plays with my hair and "can't wait" until she has beautiful hair again.
What am I supposed to tell her?
"Well honey that isn't even going to happen for 1 1/2 years maybe longer"
She has some bruises Lord and I am really hoping that she wont have to get a platelet transfusion.

Also Lord, there are quite a few children that are in the hospital and they don't even get to be in their homes because they are so sick. Could you please pay extra attention to them? An especially their parents?
At times its almost too much for my heart to take in. I watch these kids with their strained smiles and forced movements, as they battle with life day in, and day out.
We are absolutely confused by all of this. We are scared and sad.
Lord, I am so sick of seeing my daughter cry. She should be smiling, playing in the dirt, petting dogs and being a kid.
Instead she is confined to the house (weather depending) she has mood swings and her joints ache a lot. She also doesn't get to go to family functions and I think that is what makes me saddest of all.

These illnesses rob kids of their youthful innocence…. The very last thing that should ever be taken from someone. Its not fair to have to grow up so fast, laugh so little, and look death square in the eye.

I propose instead of children getting sick or dying, how about you give these afflictions to criminals? You see, we would free up jail space, tax dollars, and rid the world of corrupt people….win, win, win.
I know that you are really busy, thank you for hearing me out,


Lilith Silvermane said...

~hugs~ I have been silently following for months. I hope everyday for your daughter and husband. You are a strong woman and have many people who want to hug you, even if it's through pixels.

Take care of yourself... and your beautiful family.

Mama Kat said...

I've been following too...and praying. She's so beautiful and I have all of those same questions. I just wish we had some answers...or better yet, some cures. I'm praying!!

Darcy said...

I love you, my cousins.

oso1087 said...

I too, have been following since you posted on Joel's blog. I cannot believe your strength and courage. Do not lose faith.