Thursday, June 18, 2009

We were only going for an EKG.......

Kayla was scheduled for a EKG yesterday and Jimmy was getting chemo.

She only needed the EKG to see how well her heart was handling the chemo. So Kayla and I went to her EKG appointment and Jimmy went to the cancer center to have his blood drawn for labs.

Kayla's EKG only took about 20 minutes. The technician turned on Aladdin to distract her from what the other one was doing. Yeah......not so much. Kayla could not have cared less about the movie. But she did pretty well and stayed still.

So we go down to the cancer center to sit with him while he gets his chemo.

We get in the exam room, and after the doctor was done Jimmy and I made the same comment.

"The circles under Kayla's eyes are really dark"

I had also noticed some bruises on her back so to err on the side of caution I called the clinic. I explained what I was seeing and the asked us to come on over.
Kayla and I took the shuttle (she was thrilled) across the street to the clinic.

They take her labs and see that her red cell count is low and tell me that Kayla has to go to the hospital and get a transfusion.

Long story short, our day was far longer than we anticipated. We got home at 8 and were pooped.

Kayla has a new addiction. Don't stone me for this but her addiction is McDonalds cheeseburgers.
I know I know I know, ok?
It is all that she wants breakfast, lunch and dinner. She refuses to eat anything else.
We have 2 double cheeseburgers left from yesterday and Jimmy said that he doesn't want her to eat them anymore.
I am afraid of the tantrums that are to come.

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TheEclecticElement said...

Oy. Sounds like a very long day for everyone.
And I do not blame him for not wanting her to eat that crap. Lol
That is the last thing she should have. But I understand it's something that's very addictive(I was addicted for a long time before I realized I had to stop).
Hope the transition from cheeseburger to non-cheeseburger is okay for both of you. Lol

Healing energies your way!