Monday, June 8, 2009

Kayla got her nails done!

Well let's back up a little.
Kayla had chemo on Monday the 1st.
She also had a spinal tap. I don't know how much ativan they gave her but she was in outer space.
The poor thing was not allowed to eat because of the spinal tap. So she got all her chemos and levels at the clinic which took until about 1 in the afternoon.
We crossed the street to the big hospital and waited forever for her spinal tap to get done.
By 5:00 we were out of there. She was STARVING and sure let us know about it. She was very specific in what she wanted. A cheeseburger with bacon. Ok cool.
Well traffic was horrendous and we were trying to get to our exit so that we could stop at Jack in the Box.
After we got our food we headed back up the mountain and Kayla was still out of it after finishing her whole burger and a drink.
Needless to say when we got home she slept a lot.

On Friday the 5Th Kayla got to go to the nail salon! I made the ultimate mistake and told her in the morning about her 4:30 appt. I must have gotten asked at least 1,567,891 times when we were going to go.
When we got there she was so excited. I told her that the beauty salon is a fun place and that everybody there is really nice, and not to be afraid to talk to them.
When we first got there she sat down and scoped the place out.
Then when she felt comfortable she started wandering around looking at the spa chairs and all the pretty candles that were around.
She got the attention that she usually gets and started feeling better about the whole thing. Her nail lady Laura took her to pick out her colors and she chose hot pink with purple sparkles on the top.
Ah a girl after my own heart :)
She was delighted and felt beautiful.

As far as her health goes she is doing pretty good, as far as fever goes. I do everything in my power to make sure that she doesn't get one.

Jimmy is good. He is a little sore from his neupogen shots. They make his joints and bones hurt a lot.
In case you didn't read in a previous post, neupogen shots are a white cell booster and his Dr. prescribed him 7 shots after his rounds of chemo. He is far less than thrilled about it.

Other than that things on the home front are same old same old.

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