Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kayla has the flu

It is not the swine flu, just the regular one.
I am a little nervous about her being home when she is still sick. The dr.s said that because she isn't having a fever, she's eating and acting normal; that she is free to go. They actually discharged her today and I am little surprised. They said that it was a virus and there really wasn't anything they could do. She is back to her normal self, loud and always wanting something to eat.

Jimmy had his surgery today. Turns out they were able to get the tube to go back down where it is supposed to be. That is good news, because if they wouldn't have been able to get it back down he would have to get a new one on the other side.

So everything is pretty much back to normal. The living room is getting torn apart as I type this. James is crying because "Kayla said I don't have muscles."
It has now become apparent that no matter what Kayla or James go through, they are always going to fight.

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