Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

My favorite thing about SuperBowl Sunday is the food! LOL
Jimmy made ribs and my grandma made shrimp cocktail. It was all very good! Jimmy was into the game but I mostly watch for the commercials. Plus Kayla wanted to ride her bike a lot so I wouldn't have been able to watch it anyway.

Kayla now knows the awesome-ness that is the Ice Cream Man! I looked at the packaging that her ice cream came in and it was nice and sealed so it was ok for her to eat. She thinks that the concept of the Ice Cream Man is great! She told me "Mommy, he can come to out house and we can but ice cream from him!"

Kayla is doing well since her surgery, she is only a little bit sore. I *think* that Kayla gets chemo on Wednesday but I am not sure.
Jimmy gets chemo on Wednesday. He is doing well also.


annh said...

This is the first time to visit your blog...God bless you and your family..such a brave little girl!..and Parents also...My husband and I are both Cancer patients, and understand all you are going thru, we are both blessed in that, neither of us had to have chemo,we are both 77 yrs of age, and Thank God for every blessed day..Your family is in our Prayers!

~*amanda*~ said...

it's good to get a little update and see that everyone seems to be doing good right now! i love seeing kayla on her bike...she must LOVE it!! jimmy looks like he's entertained w/ the xbox. lol i miss talking to you and you know i'm always just a phone call/email away. :)