Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kayla was in the hospital

She had a clinic appointment on Wednesday and had a low grade fever (99.3) and the doctor said that if it goes up to bring her in.
Later that night she went up to 100.8 so we had to make the 2 hour drive to Loma Linda so that she could be admitted.
We spent two days there and they found out that she had a fever because of the chemo and that she was dehydrated.
She hardly eats anything. I offer her food all day long and she always turns it down. We got some chocolate Ensures but she doesn't like those.
I'll tell ya, it is so heartbreaking to be at the dinner table eating and she is in the living room because she is not hungry. It makes me very sad.
Other than that we are all doing pretty well.
Jimmy fells fine most days and he still has an appetite.

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annh said...

Your family is in our prayers, May God Bless You every day...My Husband and I are both cancer patients, and we know that prayers are answered..