Monday, March 2, 2009

We spent the weekend up at the house!

It was so nice to be up on the mountain! The weather was gorgeous and it felt good to be there.
Sorry it has been so long. Kayla had to be hospitalized again.
She had a 103 degree fever, which means a minimum 2 day stay b/c they have to do blood and urine cultures (it could be an infection)
On night 2 she still wasn't showing one sign if illness, so on day 3 she got released. They didn't know why she had been having such high temps. I have been so anxious every day since then because I am worried that she is going to get a fever again. (I hate staying in the hospital)

Things are going good with the house. They say another 2 weeks and we should be home :) I cannot wait. I LOOOOOVED being up there this past weekend. It was nice to see all the trees and smell the clean air.

This Saturday is a benefit breakfast. I hope to see you there. I would love to meet people that have donated or some words of comfort.


~Chel~ said...

I hope she doesn't get anymore fevers! That's great w/ the house!

stefanie said...

i work at stater brother in lake arrowhead and wanted you to know that many of us there are praying for kayla and your husband. i wanted to write and give you my support and let you know you and your family are always in my prayers.