Monday, January 12, 2009

Jimmy's Results

Today was a long long day......
Kayla had an appointment and so did Jimmy. I had my Grandma go with Jimmy and I went with Kayla. Their appointments were in two different buildings.
I had my grandma go with him because she is very thourough and takes excellent notes. I knew that Jimmy would probably not be able to tell me all that went on but my grandma took notes on a note pad and told me everything.
So he has hodgkins Lymphoma but he needs more tests to know the stage.
Tomorrow he has to go back and get a cat scan to test his pelvic region to see if it has spread down there. And then he is going back on thursday to gethis bone marrow tested and a Port a Cath put in.
A Port a Cath is the same thing as Kayla Picc line but the port a cath is better because it is right on his chest under his skin. So he can shower without me having to cover his skin.
(I already have to wrap Kayla's arm everyday when I bathe her and we go through tape like crazy)
Jimmy is obviously in shock and he is in a bad mood. I guess that I deal with things differently. He is worried about all the needles that he is going to be getting and I am just glad that it is treatable.
But that is the whole idea of a port a cath; he wont have to get IVs anymore and they just put numbing cream over the spot that the port a cath is and they can draw blood out of it and give him his chemo.

There was a photographer following us around today, he was taking pictures for "The Sun" newspaper and we are going to be on the cover of this Sunday's edition. Hopefully people will see it and donate so that we can finish remodeling the house so that Jimmy and Kayla can go home.
I am home sick and I am tired of the daily 150 mile round trips.


caseydeuce said...

My heart goes out to you. I wish there was something that I could do. Would it be okay if I said a prayer for you all when I pray?

pret&barb said...

I was afraid for Uncle Pret having to be poked with lots of needles and was so glad and relieved that the PICC line took care of all of that. I know the Port a Cath is even better. Uncle Pret cried looking at the pictures of Kayla getting her head shaved...I cried when Pret got his shaved, too. We all seem to suffer and it's the one's that are sick that seem to handle it better than us. You are brave and wonderful...and know we are thinking about you as well as, Barbra

Jillian said...

Vanessa has a picc line in her arm and it is a hassle, as well as a needle saver! She has had to be stuck with any needles other then the ones that go into her spine to inject chemo to her brain as well as make sure her brain is still cancer free. I am sure the procedure is freaky to him, but he will be glad to have it in the long run. I am not sure how loma linda is with helping patients with supplies, but at City of hope where Vanessa is, they give her everything in huge bulk to take home that she needs to care for her picc line.