Friday, January 9, 2009

Kayla's new look

Today Kayla decided that she wanted to shave her head. She was getting tired of hair in her food, in her fingers, all over her stuff and just falling out in general. I talked to the Child Life specialist and she said that this was one thing that Kayla was in control of and if she wanted to do it then we should.
I showed her pictures online of what she would look like and she was all for it.
So this morning we shaved off her beautiful blonde hair. I told her that hair doesn't make somebody pretty. I said "If someone is nice and happy then that is what makes them pretty, not their hair." She also keeps comparing herself to a tree, in the sense that her leaves have fallen off and they will grow back.
Here are some pics from this morning.


She said that it tickled:

She loves it!

Mommy and her beautiful girl:

Daddy and Kayla both freshly shaven:


Kristin said...

She looks just like her dad! I love you guys!

Kelly said...

You're right! Hair doesn't make someone pretty! She is just so beautiful! Keeping you all in my prayers. (((Hugs)))

Mom on the Run said...

Now that is a brave girl! What a decision to make. Bravo Kayla!

I will keep all of you in my thoughts. I am stopping by from An Ordinary Life.

Amanda said...

aww, what a doll! She looks adorable with ahir and just as adorable without.

Love you!

Heather of the EO said...

She's amazing!!! So sure of herself. Such a beautiful girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

(came over from an Ordinary Life-so nice to "meet" you)

Peace to you and yours,

Lilith Silvermane said...

What a beautiful little girl and what wonderful parents you are to help "tickle" her head, and make her feel so confident! Kristin sent me over, I'm adding you to my reader to keep up with Kayla and your family!

Good luck! Take care of yourself!

DJane said...

Was referred over by Kristin...

What a beautiful little girl. My daughter had brain surgery and we have a ton of photos from her in the hospital, even over holidays. She was 5yo during surgery and is now 6yo. I would be happy to share photos with you if you think Kayla would enjoying seeing another little one going through something similar. She can see photos from now too and maybe it will help continue to give her strength. Knowing she's not alone.

Keep up the great work with her!

Toni said...

I am now subscribed to this blog! What a beautiful girl you have her eyes just shine like the heavenly sky. My little brother had luekemia when he was 18 months. She will make it through beautifully and have such an amazing testimony to share with others.

BlondeBlogger said...

Here by way of Kristin. What a wonderful mommy you are to Kayla to teach her such a valuable lesson about true beauty. And her beauty does shine through! I am keeping her and your family in my prayers.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

ooooh - she does look VERY pretty. Her sweet spirit, her sweet smile - that is one special girl!!!

Allen Kephart said...

The family does not know me, but I did want to say that I am praying for them. I have read the stories in the Alpenhorn, Mountain News and Sun newspapers and have really been touched by this. I went to Lake Arrowhead Elementary and it doesn't surprise me that a teacher there raised $1000 for the family. I am hoping to return to Lake Arrowhead Elementary as a custodian. I have applied for a four hour position there as I have worked as a substitute custodian for numberous schools, even subbing for a time at LAE.

Everybody here is right. It is not this girl's hair that makes her beautiful, its what's inside that counts. Both Kayla and her dad have a great battle ahead of them. But cancer can be defeated. Other people have defeated it. They can. They have to. If I get the job at LAE I want to see them there. I also wanted to mention that I go to Lake Gregory Community Church in Crestline and will be sure to have the group pray for Kayla and her family when I go to their prayer meeting on Tuesday.

Allen Kephart