Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Port-a-cath, bone marrow test and spinal tap oh my!

So today was eventful to say the absolute least.
Jimmy and Kayla both had surgeries today. It's hard enough when either your child or your spouse has surgery. Imagine having them both go at the same time and you can't be there for one.
So my grandma went with Jimmy and I stayed with Kayla. She has a spinal tap, bone marrow taken out and had her chemo.

Jimmy got his port a cath put in as well. So now he has matching scars! One on each side. He is very sore and has to sleep elevated.

Kayla has been off of her steroids for 3 days now and I can already see a difference in her mood and her eating. She is laughing and making jokes now.

Jimmy starts chemo tomorrow and he has already asked me to reschedule it. He is anticipating being sick and not feeling well.


Jillian said...

Very big day indeed. It is a bummer that both of their surgery's are on the same day, but at the same time at least they are going through it together. They can relate to one another. I am happy that Kayla seems to be happier and eating differently being off the steroids.

How often does she have to get a spinal tap? Vanessa has to get one every month. They take out the CSF and test it for cancer, and they also inject chemo into the spinal cord to protect the brain from cancer. Are they doing the same with Kayla?

Aside from how Jimmy and Kayla are doing, how are you holding up?

pretandbarb said...

Uncle Pret says..."Jimmy, you won't even remember it after it's all over with" He says that his memories of the sickenss and eveything from the chemo is like a "faraway dream" He remembers not feeling good and crying sometimes...but in a surreal kind of way. We really wish you, Jimmy the best.

The scars, by the way are "great" looks like a nice place for a couple of sweet tattoos....

Our thoughts and all positive energy go out to Jimmy and Kayla and Sandra during this time.
We meditate with your names on our minds....and in our hearts.

Love Pret and Barbra

Amanda said...

Hey Sandra. thoughts and lots of love going to both Kayla and Jimmy!

We love you and your fmaily and were praying for all of you!


Brooke said...

Hi Sandra

Just want to let you know that I'm praying for you and your beautiful family!


Vanessa said...

Hi, I just read your story in the Sun Newspaper and it layed heavily on my heart. Especially since I have a 5 year old daughter myself. I would love to help you by donating my time. Please let me know if you can use me in going over to help paint, clean, or whatever! Also, I have a dishwasher, it's not new but it works and I'd be happy to give it to you. Please let me know. My prayers are with your family for a quick recovery and with you to help keep you strong. Sincerely, Vanessa Gilmore vrgilmore@gmail.com

Pink Divas said...

Your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Kayla is a beautiful little girl and has a smile of gold.

Ronda said...

Jimmy, Sandra, Kayla and James too,

My thoughts and prayers are with each of you and I know you will persevere. Bev brought me up-to-date this afternoon I hadn't talked to her lately as she has been focused on her family (instead of friends, Me), and for the last few hours I have been honing my email skills. I sent out the word to each and every email address I have. Tomorrow will be those people I don't have an address for.

By the way, Rich is pretty mad you haven't been over to go fishing lately! ha ha

Love you guys and talk to you soon.