Friday, September 11, 2009

No chemo this week.....

I thought for sure her ANC was going to be atleast 1000.
It was 330!
No chemo for her. It is kind of like a catch 22. On one hand I want her to get her treatments on time and get chemo over with, but at the same time I like seeing her feel better and look better when she has been off of chemo for a few weeks.
Her teacher came again this week and Kayla is doing much better. She was pretty shy the first week and didn't listen as well as she would have in a classroom. Miss Jessica brought colored shapes for Kayla to make designs with. She said it has something to do with math skills.
James is being a good student too. Mrs. Goodwin is sweet enough to go out of her way and send 2 of every worksheet so that James has one too. :)
He is learning how to cut things with scissors. (I didn't let him use scissors before b/c my children have a history of cutting things like hair and clothes)
He has learned how to hold a pencil the right way (he still holds it like a caveman when she's not around lol)
And Miss Jessica said that having him sit there and listen to Kayla's lessons, he is learning how to pay attention and follow instructions.
She actually told me that both of my children have longer attention spans than a lot of other kids their age that she has seen. (Could have fooled me!)
Other than that not too much has gone on.
Thank God <3

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