Saturday, May 16, 2009


Things have been calm and nice (knock on wood). Kayla drinks water all the time and actually prefers it, which is a really good thing. Her appetite has me all confused though. For instance she went through a Budget Gourmet Spaghetti phase and seriously she would eat one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes even having one as an in between snack. Then all of a sudden she didn't like that anymore and she wanted sausage and a fried egg. ugh.

So now we are stuck with a bunch of frozen dinners that she tells me are "gross" and I smell like maple sausage more days than not.
Her attitudes are way out of hand as well. The other day she announced that jimmy was not her father b/c he would not let her stir boiling noodles. See I let her help with putting ingredients in the bowl but I don't let her help if the food is on the stove. She just wanted to pour the noodles into the water, he said no and she was PO'ed.

Jimmy is doing good too, as far as his chemo anyway. He got his PET scan last week and is eagerly awaiting the results. He is afraid that the tumor will shrink too fast around his artery and make him bleed to death. This is not just some irrational fear, he was told that it could happen. He would just love some peace of mind.
We did however find out that they did not like the placement of his port-o-cath and they are going to be doing surgery on Thursday. That means that they have to cut his scar open and cut the sutures that are holding the port-o-cath to his muscle and place it where they want it. To say that he is less than thrilled is an understatement.
We go down Monday for Kayla's chemo, Tuesday for another kind of chemo, Wednesday for Jimmy's Chemo and Thursday for Jimmy's surgery. All without an A/C. awesome.

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Kristin said...

Look at what Kayla is wearing how cute is that!

Oh and you look pretty even though you're tired and

love you guys!