Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday 1/25

James stayed with us this weekend! When he first walked in he stared at Kayla and was surprised by her shaved head. He was over it in about 10 minutes though. It has been about a month since the 4 of us were in the same room together and it feels nice. I am also noticing the differences between James and Kayla in the sense that Kayla is on chemo and James is not. He wants to run around and ride his tricycle and Kayla is more content to play games on the computer or do her school work.
Here is James just now, he had some chocolate cake :)

My big brother Scott made a surprise visit this morning! :) He brought down his x-box for Jimmy to play with.

Kayla and Grandma are relaxing since both of them are early risers. I love her choice of reading material! LOL

I have been really tired lately. I just can't seem to get with it. I tried drinking an energy drink yesterday and all it did was make me shaky. So I am just a slug.
I talked to my mom today and she said that they ripped up the carpet in my room and they are going to take the paneling down and paint the walls. I can't wait to go home. I miss my mountain and I miss my cat.

We were also on the cover of the San Bernardino Sun!


Amanda said...

what a nice post. I hope you guys are enjoying your time together.

The girls can't wait to see James & Kayla.

Jennifer said...

I am glad everyone was able to get together and there is progress being made on your home. It is no wonder you are tired!

Karyn with a Y said...

Big hugs! I think about you everyday.

Kristin said...

OMG look at James! Glad there is something going on at home. Will it be totally weird to wlak in and see an entire new house? Well okay new-er.

And you will soon see Roo, I bet she misses you too.

I can't stop giggling at Jimmy. He cracks me up, totally made my day.