Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chemo made her sick

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On Monday we went to clinic and her ANC was 1600! I was so excited, but scared at the same time. That meant that she could get her chemo and spinal tap. She started a new road map and now we will be going every 10 days. Kayla received Vincrystine and Methotrexate via her port a cath and methotrexate in her spine. She was able to eat after the procedure and all that she wanted was Doritos and a happy meal. I got her the Doritos and she ate them while she laid down and waited for her 30 minutes to pass. (She has to lay down 30 minutes after her spinal tap to make sure that the medicine distributes evenly, and she could also get a killer headache.) She fell asleep in the car and wasn't even awake when I got her happy meal. We headed up the mountain and it was so hot! I can't run the A/C on the way up because the car can over heat. So I think the combination of heat and windy road made her feel queasy. We got home and she went right for the couch. I took her shoes and pants off and pointed the fan in her direction. She laid there for about 30 minutes and then told me she needed to throw up. So I took her to the bathroom and she hung her head over the toilet. I tried visualization exercises with her (ie. think about ice, cold things) we even went outside so she could feel the evening breeze. But this time it didn't work she was still nauseous.
So she went up to my mom's room and laid with her for a while until she felt the urge to throw up again. I went upstairs and sat next to her as she started to heave. In between heaves she was asking me why she was throwing up and I told her that it was because of the chemo. She threw up every last bit of the contents of her stomach and told me that she was done. She crawled back into her grandma's bed and fell asleep.
Kayla has been nauseous every day since then. She is always asking me for a "tummy pill." And her back has been hurting too. I have been having anxiety all day every day because I really don't know what to expect with her. I am hoping that the methotrexate doesn't make her counts too low.

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