Saturday, August 15, 2009

This is what it looks like when platelets are low

Kayla's counts have been pretty low for about a week.
On Wed. the Dr. said that everything was low.
This is how I know that her platelets are really low. I have to give her chemo shots at home.
AraC shots to be exact. The first picture of her arm and that was Thursday. The second picture is of her thigh. That was yesterday's shot.
Last week I had to give her shots and it looked normal. After an hour or so I could barely find the injection site.

She is in the hospital right now. She had to go last night b/c she developed a fever. When they got there she was 98.3. They think that the fevers are chemo related. Her ANC (immune system) is pretty close to 0. and her WBC (White Cells) are really low too. I think Jimmy said .7


Kristin said...

poor baby..

Heather said...

I just heard about your little girl on another blog and just had to come and let you know that you are all in our prayers! God bless you all!