Sunday, April 19, 2009


I know that it has been forever since I have updated. Life has been a tornado, hurricane and earthquake all wrapped into one.

Kayla is in the hospital again. This is stay #6 since she was diagnosed in December. She had to go in b/c her ANC or Absolute Neutrofil Count was 0 and she had a fever. ANC = Immune system. She doesn't have one right now. So this time they are not going to release her until her ANC starts going back up. They said that it could take a week to 2 weeks. awesome.
She is back down to her original weight and wears 3T. Other than that her appetite is coming back and she actually eats more than saltines.

Jimmy is good too. This last round of chemo really kicked his butt. He has been throwing up almost every single day.
He has 3 months of chemo left unless there is some tumor left and then he will have to get radiation.
Kayla has about 19 months left. Give or take. Like this week her Dr. decided to skip her chemo and bone marrow test b/c of her ANC. So that added a week onto her treatment. I am sure that this wont be the only time.


annh said...

I am so sorry to find out that Kayla is back in the hospital..this precious child is in my prayers!..and we know that prayers ARE answered, ours have been so many times..My husband and I are both cancer patients..Jimmy and you are also in our prayers...God is in control..

CaseyDeuce said...

(((hugs for you)))
(((hugs for Kayla)))
(((hugs for Jimmy)))

Thinking of you. My thoughts are with you and your family!